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What is Rhino Dirt? 

Rhino Dirt is a highly effective industrial-grade degreaser designed to tackle tough grease and grime in industrial settings. With its advanced formula, Rhino Dirt surpasses industry standards to deliver outstanding cleaning power and efficiency. This lightweight product instantly sucks up and cleans most industrial oils and chemicals, and is effective on all surfaces. It is the most efficient way to clean up spills when compared to kitty litter and is landfill safe in most states. Get the Rhino Dirt for your industrial and safety needs today 

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Powerful Degreasing

Rhino Dirt's formula effectively dissolves grease, oil, grime, and other nasty contaminants. 

Proven preformance

Rhino Dirt has been extensively tested and trusted by professionals in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aviation and heavy machinery. 


Rhino Dirt is engineered to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable, ensuring worker safety and environmental responsibility. 


Rhino Dirt can be use in the industrial, automotive, manufacturing and transportation industries. It is also suitable for use on machinery, engines, floors and work surfaces.

Time and cost savings

Rhino Dirt's fast and effective cleaning action reduces cleaning time, and increases productivity. 

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See Rhino Dirt in Action

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